Specializing in Ti-64 and Pure Titanium

Fully validated biocompatible materials.

A titanium 3D printed acetabular cup for hips zoomed in to show the intricate lattice.

Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Each print is formed one layer of powder at a time. The machine spreads powder across the bed, then runs the laser over the powder to make a solid part. Next, the printer spreads another layer of powder, until the build is complete!

Credit card mockups

Huge Build Volume

350x350x350mm. (13.7x13.7x13.7in.)

Quad Laser Machine

Four lasers work together to dramatically reduce build times. That means we get parts to you faster.

Support Free Printing

Compression roller technology let's us compact the powder on each pass. Compacted powder acts as a pseudo support, so we can print what others can't.

Fine Powder Blend

Using a roller instead of a brush allows us to fluidize the powder as it's being spread. Brushes let fine powder slip through the bristles, while the compression roller lays down a beautifully smooth layer of fine powder every time.
A lateral spinal implant cage tilted into the air and placed in the blue background environment to show an artistic view of the lattice work on display.

Quality at Every Level

All parts are printed in an ISO 13485 facility.
Armadillo Additive, Inc. is FDA registered.

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The armadillo additive logo. An artistic depiction of an armadillo named Dill beginning to curl into a ball.