Titanium 3D Printing

High quality, medical-grade, support free 3D printing in commercially pure Titanium and Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 23 Ti).

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An array of titanium 3D printed spinal implants on a build plate with the armadillo additive logo on display.
An array of tibia trays 3D printed in titanium.

"Impossible" Implants

Additive manufacturing pushes the boundaries of possibilities to new limits. Intricate lattice designs come to life with our Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology.

Scale Up, Fast.

Experience best in class throughput on our quad laser system equipped with a massive 350x350x350mm print bed. Production orders are no problem.

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A dramatic image of an array of spinal implant cages 3D printed in titanium. The image is in focus on the left and moves out of focus to the right, creating a blurred dramatic effect with implants fading to the background.

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The Armadillo Additive logo, an artistically depicted armadillo named Dill beginning to curl into a ball.